Date: Feb 7, 2024
Venue: Zoom

About the Programme:

    Explore the transformational impact of Generative Al on Human Resources in this enlightening masterclass. Witness how Al-driven automation is revolutionizing talent acquisition, employee engagement, and performance management. Discover strategies to leverage Al-powered analytics for predictive workforce planning and personalized employee experiences. The masterclass equips HR professionals with the tools to embrace Al technologies, optimizing HR processes, and elevating the overall employee journey.

    Module 1: Introduction to AI in HR

    • Understanding the role of AI in HR transformation.
    • Exploring the benefits and challenges of AI for HR processes.
    • Identifying use cases for AI in various HR functions.

    Module 2: AI-powered recruitment and talent acquisition

    • Automating job postings and candidate sourcing.
    • Utilizing AI for resume screening and candidate matching.
    • Leveraging AI-driven interview assessment and selection tools.

    Module 3: AI for HR analytics and decision-making

    • Leveraging AI to gain insights from HR data and analytics.
    • Predicting employee behavior and potential risks using AI models.
    • Making data-driven HR decisions for improved organizational outcomes.


    • Embracing Al-powered recruitment tools for targeted talent acquisition and enhanced candidate experience.
    • Harnessing Al-driven analytics to predict employee engagement levels and proactively address retention challenges.
    • Personalizing learning and development programs using Generative Al for enhanced skill development and career growth.