Date: Jun 27, 2024
Venue: Virtual

About the Programme:

    Organizations have always pursued optimality. This gained further currency, post pandemic, with the change in world order from VUCA to a BANI(Brittle, Anxious, Nonlinear and Incomprehensible) where interdependent industry models and markets capes are fragile. Companies realized the dual need of having to do more with less and become agile with scale. A key challenge in this context is gaining optimality by inculcating a strong sense of agility within the organization. Researching on the success factors that enabled leaders combat and wither the disruptions and overcome resource constraints, reveals some common traits.

    A major driver is through continuous innovation. Innovation is critical for winning in the marketplace. Several forces of change including technological progress , demographic strength, changing consumer demands and global competition have accelerated the need for companies to excel in innovation. Enhancing the innovation readiness of firms requires a multifaceted approach that touches upon all aspects of business strategy and a rigorous discussion, leading to organizations becoming nimble but surefooted, capable to Innovate at the Speed of Thought and develop a band of leaders with capacity to handle disruptions.

    In today’s environment, it is technology or digital transformation that is driving innovation, especially the disruptive power of Artificial Intelligence. In this context, the key challenges faced by organizations include

    • How does an organization especially its leadership, look at and drive innovation in a business scenario, which is BANI dominated and remain relevant to industry
    • How does the organization manage organizational change and mobilize ‘’all”’ resources into an amalgamated whole to become a truly agile one

    A need was felt to come up with a Leadership program that equipped participants with the right mix of understanding and application of the underlying concepts, framework, and techniques, that helped them to emerge as better innovators and become creative engines driving organizational change.

    The key objective of this Learning Journey is to enable creation of capacity amongst leadership to appreciate the many different approaches to driving innovation, given the resource constraints and use them optimally to drive agility in organization, backend by the effective use of technology and AI

    Participants will learn to think critically, communicate effectively, and foster an environment that encourages creativity and innovation. The course will cover topics such as leading with empathy, setting goals and vision, managing team dynamics, and designing processes that foster creativity.

    This course would explore strategies and techniques for fostering innovation and implementing creative solutions within organizations or industries facing resource limitations. It would cover topics such as creative problem-solving, effective leadership in challenging environments, leveraging limited resources, and cultivating an innovative culture. The course aims to equip participants with the skills and knowledge to overcome constraints and drive innovation in their respective fields.


    The focus has now shifted from being engineering-driven to design-driven, from product-centric to customer-centric, and from marketing-focused to user-experience-focused. The objectives can be defined as

    • Understanding Resource Constraints and strategies and enabling Resource Optimization
    • Outsource Optimization program through innovation and Creative Leadership
    • Building and leading innovative teams and overcoming barriers to innovation in teams
    • How to reduce constraints - To demonstrate and implement strategies to navigate the forces of disruption through Design Thinking principles and process.

    The main outcome envisaged from the program is to familiarize participants with the theoretical and practical aspects of adapting tomorrow’s success mantra today.

    • To enhance the innovation readiness of your firm.
    • Create a disruptive Business Model and leverage the forces of disruptive change.
    • Innovate yourself in a resource constrained environment.
    • To identify specific tools and approaches for leveraging technology driven initiatives and competitive readiness within your organization
    • In a BANI world, transform your organization into an Agile and Innovation driven enterprise.