Date: Jul 17, 2023
Venue: Virtual

About the Programme:

    Today all organizations are struggling to create a talent and leadership pipeline to deal with external pressures such as globalization, powerful competition and the increasing pace of change. This is compounded by internal pressures to lower costs, ability to strategize effectively, demonstrate business impact and maintain accountability for results. To counter all of these organizations will have to develop the competencies of frontline leaders who are the key players for achieving results.

    As Organizations become leaner, they are faced with the challenge of balancing the learning and development needs of high potential employees with the demands of the work and delivery. On the other hand, lack of training and development opportunities not only limits the competencies of potential high performers but also makes retention a challenge as the Nextgen performers are eager to expand their horizons and enhance their capabilities. Individual employees are also faced with the challenge and pressures of time and are unable to undergo executive education programs that requires micro-learning during working hours.

    In this context the CII- Suresh Neotia Centre of Excellence For Leadership in partnership with The Strategy Academy Centre for Advanced Studies (TSACAS) is conducting a Certified “Young Leaders Development Programme (YLDP)” on a Digital Platform.

    This course will enable organizations to:

    • Impart intensive training opportunities to HiPos through a digital platform in a convenient and flexible manner without losing working hours.
    • Impart inputs on contemporary knowledge, skills and practices in cross-functional areas as well as strategy and leadership areas that are required for higher levels of individual, team and organizational performance.
    • Get an independent assessment of each nominated person about his/her ability to learn new skills and ability to self-govern and thus take up future leadership roles.