Date: May 24, 2023
Venue: New Delhi

About the Programme:

    The CII Annual Session 2023 is scheduled for 24 – 25 May 2023 in New Delhi.

    The theme for the Annual Session is “Future Frontiers: Competitiveness, Technology, Sustainability and Internationalization”.

    This year’s session is particularly significant as it takes place during India@75 and India’s G20 Presidency. Several important issues including Competitiveness of India and Indian Industry, digital technologies and innovation, shaping a sustainable future and engaging globally are proposed to be taken up at the Annual Session.

    CII Annual Session will witness one of the largest gatherings of stakeholders interested in India’s development journey. The Annual Session will bring together eminent leaders, strategic thinkers, leading economists, young icons from various fields, captains of industry, and media to capture their perspectives across major tracks such as Economy, Geopolitics/ Geoeconomic, Future Technology, Diversity & Inclusion, Management, Career and Livelihood, Society, Health, Sustainability & Climate Change and CSR. Sessions on these tracks and themes will address some of the most pressing issues of present times and provide participants with strategic insights on the future of business from the perspectives of industry, economy, globalization and policy structure.

    Key highlights of the Annual Session 2023 are:

    • Plenary and 25+ Thematic Sessions.
    • Structured B2B Meetings and Business Networking Events.
    • Future Tech Exhibition.
    • Free technical consultation for enhancing internal competitiveness through Energy Conservation, Quality Management, Logistics and Supply Chain, Innovation & working with Startups, Green Business, Water Conservation, etc. by CII Centers of Excellence.