Date: Jul 2, 2024
Venue: Online

About the Programme:

    In the dynamic modern business landscape, leaders and professionals play a crucial role in shaping strategic directions amidst technological advances, global interconnectedness, and evolving consumer behaviours. Navigating contemporary markets requires a nuanced understanding of strategic frameworks and the agility to execute strategies for sustainable growth, innovation, and adaptability.

    Leaders face challenges from intense market competition, disruptive business models, and the merging of industries, prompting a re-evaluation of traditional paradigms. The rapid pace of innovation and digitalization further emphasizes the need for a fundamental shift in strategic thinking.

    Amid these challenges, leaders must possess an agile and innovative mindset to respond to changes swiftly and capitalize on emerging opportunities. The "Strategizing in Fiercely Competitive Markets" programme addresses this urgency, offering a solution to bridge the gap between strategic theory and practical implementation.

    This programme aims to elevate participants' strategic thinking capabilities by leveraging insights from industry experts for real-world scenarios. Through cultivating these competencies, it equips leaders to navigate disruptions, turning them into competitive advantages and ensuring a holistic learning experience beyond traditional boundaries. By leveraging expertise from academicians, practitioners, and thought leaders, the program unlocks new dimensions of strategic leadership, imparting cutting-edge knowledge, and fostering a network of professionals driving innovation, transformation, and sustainable growth in their organizations.

    For CII Members : Rs. 60000/- + GST per participant

    For Non-Members : Rs. 65000/- + GST per participant

    10% discount available on the applicable rates for nomination of more than 3 participants from the same organization.