Date: May 16, 2023
Venue: Mumbai

About the Programme:

    CII is happy to invite all HR professionals to become “CII Certified Assessors” for the “CII National HR Excellence Award Framework”. The first batch of the Assessor Training Workshop for the year 2023 is scheduled between 24 th – 26 th May 2023 physically in Mumbai.

    The Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) had instituted the CII National HR Excellence Award in 2010 to partner with industry in their journey towards HR Excellence and collaborate with HR thought leaders to establish a credible precedence along with a set of benchmarks and best practices that can be emulated across organizations over time. This Award has been well received by the Members and has now become a movement. This workshop is a must for all those HR professionals leading the change process in their organizations, to become globally competitive and progress towards achieving HR Excellence. It is particularly beneficial to CHROs, HR Heads and Mid-level HR Professionals as this gives them the opportunity to learn the best practices across the industry firsthand.

    The Assessor Training Workshop is being organized by CII every year as part of strengthening the talent pool of Assessors. This Award Model is aligned with several criteria of the CII-EXIM Bank Award for Business Excellence with an exclusive focus on the HR Domain. This is essentially a peer assessment framework. Apart from having an understanding and learning of the Model, this three-day workshop (non – residential) is also aimed at developing skills for assessing the effectiveness of various management approaches and their deployment for achieving HR Excellence.


    • To train HR professionals for developing internal facilitators inside Organizations for adoption of the framework.
    • To equip pparticipants with necessary management and assessment skills for measuring the effectiveness of various management initiatives taken by an organization towards HR Excellence.
    • To enable interaction with senior HR Leaders and get deeper insights into Business and HR processes and in turn provide an external perspective to the Applicant as a Value-add.
    • To get an integrated view of management for HR Excellence and meet the increasing business challenges.