Date: Dec 6, 2022
Venue: Mumbai

About the Programme:

    The world is passing through extraordinary times where businesses are confronted with unforeseen geopolitical developments coupled with the challenges of thriving in a post pandemic reality. With volatility and uncertainty having become a new way of life for Indian FMCG players, it is becoming increasingly clear that the rules of winning are going to be very different and not merely an extension of the past. The new-normal requires businesses to pivot and adapt to new realities of the evolving business landscape by building resilience and agility. Against this backdrop, the deliberations at the 13th edition of the CII National FMCG Summit will focus on "Winning in Uncertain Times". The Summit will highlight the critical growth enablers that will ensure business continuity and drive momentum across the industry in the future. The CII National FMCG Summit is India's biggest conference on consumer-packaged goods. Driven by the immense support received from industry and stakeholders, the Summit has established itself as the apex forum for policy advocacy and perspective sharing for the sector and is attended by CEOs and CXOS of major FMCG companies every year.