Date: Apr 25, 2024
Venue: Virtual

About the Programme:

    The First Time Manager (FTM) program is a dynamic and immersive learning journey designed to empower emerging leaders with the essential skills and mindset required for success in higher management roles. Through a blend of experiential learning methodologies, including simulations and action learning plans, participants embark on a transformative journey aimed at unlocking their full potential as leaders in today's complex business environment.

    Utilizing a combination of theoretical knowledge and practical application, the FTM program is meticulously crafted to foster self-awareness, develop leadership competencies, enhance communication effectiveness, and cultivate strong team management skills. Participants engage in interactive simulations, where they navigate real-world scenarios and apply newly acquired knowledge in a risk-free environment. These simulations offer invaluable opportunities for hands-on learning, allowing participants to experiment with different approaches, receive feedback, and refine their leadership style.

    Furthermore, the FTM program incorporates action learning plans as a cornerstone of its design. After each module, participants are tasked with developing actionable plans that translate theoretical concepts into tangible strategies for implementation in their professional roles. These action learning plans serve as practical roadmaps for participants to apply their learning directly to their day-to-day responsibilities, driving continuous improvement and growth throughout the program.

    By leveraging experiential learning methodologies such as simulations and action learning plans, the FTM program goes beyond traditional training approaches to deliver a highly engaging and impactful learning experience. Participants emerge from the program equipped with the confidence, skills, and insights needed to excel as effective leaders in an ever-evolving business landscape.