Date: Nov 16, 2023
Venue: Virtual

About the Programme:

    The journey of a First Time Manager (FTM) is extremely exciting but the challenges are multifold. FTMs – in their career path, need to undergo a holistic transformation from being an “individual contributor” to an effective “manager” by learning the essential skills for driving delivery through their teams. The success of an organization is directly dependent on these young talents and it is one of the prominent items on the HR agenda.

    In this context, the programme is designed to support managerial capability building by focusing on developing the mindset, skillsets and equipping them with necessary toolsets to graduate from an “individual contributor” to a “team leader” for driving high performance and business results.

    This multi-touchpoint programme has the following crucial design elements:

    • Psychometric Instrument: Participants will undertake a psychometric test online, prior to the programme as pre-work. The debrief will be done during the programme.
    • Live Virtual Classroom Sessions: 32 hours of live learning spread over 2 modules will be delivered using participant-centred methodology at Understand & Apply a level of Bloom’s Taxonomy.
    • Online Simulations: 2 Behavioral Simulations on Leadership Styles and Influencing.
    • E-Learning Modules: E-learning courses of a total of 24 hours will be shared with participants in the intervening period between Module I & II. This will help improve learning stickiness.
    • Videocasts: Participants will receive 3 to 5-minute video clips from globally eminent academics/practitioners, thrice a week during the entire learning journey.