Date: Nov 29, 2022
Venue: Mumbai

About the Programme:

    The world around us continues to be tumultuous. While the pandemic has receded, recent geo-political tensions have sustained economic volatility and the world of business across the board is facing several challenges. In this context, “People Transformation” is now the nucleus of all Business Change. Techceleration – rapid acceleration due to technological advancements, is helping HR leaders lead and negotiate business change at the right time. The new world of today is dealing with never dealt before compelling topics such as Moonlighting, Experiences over Careers, Capability Modelling, Talent to Value, Repurposing life, Quiet Quitting, and more. HR leaders are now not in the zone of managing people's life cycles alone but realize they need to drive this global disruption positively at their workplaces and create enterprise value economically and socially.

    Over the years, HR has matured from being just a mere function and has evolved into a functional cluster. In the changing organization, Leadership styles are personalized, organization designs are fluid, businesses are frequently remodelled for sustained value creation and people's happiness is specific and time-bound. In these changing contexts, the HR leader is expected to be right skilled intelligently and emotionally. They are expected to foresee and ride the wave of “change” ahead of the rest and hold the torch for the rest of the organization to create winning workplaces of the future.

    The 12th CII HR Conclave themed around “HR Release 2023+ - Evolve | Innovate | Inspire” is a hybrid of the “Real” HR agenda with high digital content making this a perfect fit for the community grappling with many new opportunities in the upcoming years.