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The Virtual Culture Blueprint – The New Code of a High-Performance Virtual Workplace

Date: 27th, 28th, 29th July
Venue: Online

About the Programme: Corporate culture relates to a common collection of traditions, principles, expectations and opinions regulating employee interpersonal actions in a workplace. This culture defines how employees behave in the organization with one another and it influences each one in some way or the other. As for organisations working in virtual workplaces, workers are linked externally, therefore there is always a common collection of principles lacking.

The coronavirus pandemic has stretched the scope of how far companies believed flexible organizational policies would extend. Also, companies with more conventional traditions in the workforce are now encouraging workers to operate remotely. Companies who already have a large work-from-home workforce until the crisis found they need to broaden their remote job network rapidly and suddenly for what may be a prolonged period. It turned out to be the most effective way to utilize 'remote working' by creating a specific tool pool. Virtual workplaces may render remote workers feel less empowered and frustrated if physical contact is missing. Corporate culture is therefore as much a prerequisite for a simulated work environment as it is for a physical workplace. Due to the advent of technology, geography is becoming one of the least considered factors for any workplace. It is easy to hire employees and interact with them via digital media. But at the same time, it is also necessary to build and retain office culture among the virtual workforce. Some might find it difficult to make a cooperative work and retain their attention in the work they accomplish.

In the context of the above, the CII Suresh Neotia Centre of Excellence for Leadership is conducting an Online Masterclass Series on “The Virtual Culture Blueprint” to look at some key areas and share valuable insights to enable different functions of an organization more skilled & reliable for delivering strategic and revenue/cost driven results.

About Robert

Robert Richman is a culture strategist and was the co-creator of Zappos Insights, an innovative program focused on educating companies on the secrets behind Zappos’ amazing employee culture.

Robert built Zappos Insights from a small website to a thriving multi-million dollar business teaching over 25,000 students per year. Through his work, Robert has been responsible for improving the employee culture at hundreds of companies like Procter & Gamble, Whole Foods and Amazon.

As one of the world’s authorities on employee culture, Robert is a sought after keynote speaker at conferences around the world and has been hired to teach culture in person at companies like Google, Toyota, and Eli Lilly. He has pioneered a number of innovative techniques to build culture, such as bringing improv comedy to the workplace.

His book, The Culture Blueprint, is a systematic guide to how a workplace can help people grow, inspire amazing service, and ultimately drive revenue through amazing culture.

Robert graduated from Northwestern University with a degree in film, as well as from Georgetown University’s Leadership Coaching Program. He is a member of the Transformational Leadership Council, and he is the chair of the business program at American Jewish University.

Who should attend: :

  • This programme is aimed at all mid-to-senior level working professionals across industries, sectors and functions who aspire to understand the importance of organizational culture and remote workplace productivity.
Learning Goals :
  • Make meetings effective and engaging
  • Work collaboratively across space and time
  • Keep people from checking out
  • Develop rhythms and rituals
  • Balance work, life and family

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