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Tech-celerating HR: Reimagining the Future

Date: 24-26 February 2021
Venue: Digital: Webex

About the Programme:

  • Deep Learning is the use of algorithms that mimic human intelligence to perform cognitive functions and solve problems through computer vision, self-learning, cognitive reasoning, natural language processing, and more. Normally, these algorithms do not require human assistance of any kind.
Quantum Computing, on the other hand, is the result of advanced computation formed by superposition and entanglement. This gives birth, in simple words, to a higher degree of accuracy, speed and quality result in any data processing exercise.With data at their core, HR departments offer a huge opportunity for deep learning-induced software systems to embrace the use of datasets in talent acquisition, learning and development, employee engagement, retention and streamlining of manual processes which create a very fertile environment for deep learning to yield analytics-backed insights into various HR-related processes improving the overall company’s performance. In the context of the above, the CII Suresh Neotia Centre of Excellence is conducting an online Masterclass Series on “Tech-celerating HR: Reimagining the Future” with the objective of looking at some key areas and sharing valuable insights to enable HR to become more skilled & reliable for delivering strategic and revenue/cost driven results.

Target Audience :
  • This programme is aimed at all Executives – especially HR – across the managerial spectrum who aspire to become technologically enabled and leverage the power of AI in HR.
Key Take aways :
  • Learn the plethora of advantages that Deep learning and Quantum Computing can bring to transform HR Departments and identify the key areas where algorithms play a vital role
  • Learn the internal implementation of Deep learning with the current employees highlighting the areas of training & development, retention, and benefits. Also, the relevance of streamlining processes and automated communication
  • Learn the not-so-distant reality of HR where our morals and ethics will be questioned concerning the larger company’s goal

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