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Pinnacle Performance Enhancement Series - Creating Hi Resilient Boards that Deliver

Date: 18 December 2020
Venue: Digital

About the Programme:

The present pandemic is unprecedented, exposing organisations to unheard situations. It has brought the issue of leadership into a sharper focus, as it can foster synergistic alliance amongst divergent constituents into a cohesive unit, to deliver on a common goal. 

Corporate boards play a critical role towards sustenance and growth. Successful board members help the organization constantly create value in the eyes of various stakeholders, while adhering to the regulatory guidelines for the organization to thrive ethically.

A board of directors is a unique entity, comprising top leaders, bringing together a plethora of professional experiences and uniqueness both in terms of style and skills. While functional directors and C-Suite executives get operationally involved, the challenge for non-executive  members multiplies. They are required to maintain their independence and optimize the organisation’s benefit from the decision proposed. In the present context they face the challenge of high expectations from multiple stakeholder groups, be it regulators, investors, customers and most importantly employees of the organization. 

CII with its long history of developing solutions for industry was approached by members to come out with a specific intervention to fill the gap in capacity, existing at this level. After  thorough research through its dedicated Centre of Excellence for Leadership (COEL) in  partnership with Catalyst Executive Education Institute (CEEI) it has come up with a long  duration curated performance enhancement series titled Pinnacle: Creating Hi-Performance  Resilient Boards that Deliver with a clear set of deliverables. 

Pinnacle provides fascinating insights, tools and frameworks for existing and would be Board members and C-suite executives part of board functions, to create, manage and become part of a High Performing Board. It addresses high impact challenges in their present organisational and business environment to expose them in a structured fashion to evolve a comprehensive view. The objective is to create more value as a Board member through collaborative leadership, motivating other members and management thus creating a truly hi-performance Board.

Participant Profile: :

  • Executive and Non-Executive Board Members
  • C-Suite decision makers that are part of their company Boards
  • Senior decision makers considering an independent board position
Benefits to Participants: :
  • Learn key expectations from Board members as a leader with a clear-eyed view of the Responsibilities and Liabilities that the position entails. Understand the change of role in today’s business environment for C- Suite Executives who are on or aspire to be on Board. Overview of Board work and understanding how to develop global mindset as a Board member
  • Ready to develop the strategy of an organization in a fluctuating business environment with collaborative leadership skill, engaging with all stakeholders through tools and techniques for strategic, financial and control perspectives
  • Grasp aspects of good governance to form more operative governance processes, thus adding value to the organization.
  • Become a high impact Board member through Digital Transformation and Innovation in current context
  • Understand aspects of leading negotiations and managing board dynamics
  • Learn managing critical relationships with the organization and other board members
  • Evaluate own leadership traits and identify areas to improve for high impact board leadership
  • Learn key aspects of becoming more effective in various board functions
  • Analyse emerging areas of corporate governance in terms of legal and statutory compliances
  • Understand branding imperatives through CSR initiatives
  • Receive detailed report on own leadership profile and detailed discussion on areas of self-development

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