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Leadership Nxt - Innovative Success Strategies Through Design Thinking

Date: 21st June 2022
Venue: CII-Virtual Platform

About the Programme:

Multiple forces of change have increased the need for companies to excel in innovation for winning in the marketplace. Enhancing the innovation readiness of firms requires a multi-faceted approach that touches upon all aspects of business strategy and a rigorous discipline in execution.

Successful innovation strategies and design thinking have been the key differentiator for firms like Apple, IBM, Google, Airbnb, PepsiCo, and Nike to be successful brands. These players are agile in design and innovation of products and services as per the voice of the customers. This program will be an experiential learning journey, bringing together business leaders, technocrats, academia and industry experts for an enriching, multi-disciplinary learning on the inescapable need for leaders to infuse an organization wide culture of design thinking, innovation and integrating technology for business success by focusing on customer centric products, service and processes. The program dwells on the strategic role of an inspirational leadership style to champion an innovative culture and investment in people to drive leadership in innovative products, services and business models and win in the marketplace

Who should take this course? :

  • • A broad range of executives across industry sectors. Managers of all functions and senior executives can learn to effectively analyze, articulate and apply innovation management and design thinking insights in their teams and organizations.
  • • Leaders who desire to create a culture of innovation driven leadership by empowering members to think laterally and promote organization wide strategies coupled with relentless execution for innovation leadership.
  • • Leaders of tomorrow who are keen to introduce and embrace innovation in their organization so that they can differentiate themselves, stay relevant and drive growth by leveraging on their innovation DNA.
  • • Leaders willing to take the leap of faith in promoting a customer centric culture by leveraging design thinking in crafting business models, social interaction models, products and services
Key Learning Outcomes :
  • • Creativity and ideation: The program will describe approaches to enhancing creativity and the process of ideating new products and services. Design thinking will be highlighted as an approach to enhancing creativity and coming up with new products and service ideas.
  • • Innovation readiness: Companies must work on multiple dimensions to enhance their innovation readiness. Investments in human talent have to be complemented by new processes and appropriate technologies.
  • • Innovation leadership: Rigorous and disciplined execution is essential for innovation leadership. The program will outline the key essentials of managing the innovation process and also describe strategies adopted by different firms to drive innovation such as the creation of innovation labs and corporate ventures.

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