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Date: 5th August to 26 August 2021
Venue: Virtual

About the Programme:

As companies confront and adapt to a new pandemic driven reality, legacy businesses can appear as dinosaurs awaiting the same fate—extinction. Strong economic headwinds, powerful tech driven competitors, and other game changers are threatening the existence of almost every incumbent.  Astute business leaders realise that they need to transform their core, legacy-driven business, while in parallel, set up new, disruptive businesses. In the wake of the pandemic, all companies, irrespective of their industry, geography or size, will need to strike that balance between two very different worlds since large, well known organisations have been just as deeply affected as smaller, hidden champions.


In this engaging virtual Masterclass series organised by the CII Centre of Excellence for Leadership, Mr. Markus Schmidt, Founder & CEO, QSID Digital Advisory will showcase how companies can drive profitability in their legacy-based, core business activities while reaping the full potential of a radically new, disruptive digital business. Participants will learn globally proven strategies of reconciling these two very diverse facets of their business, and how, through a well-orchestrated interplay between the two, the maximum digital transformation potential can be realized.

Who Should Attend? :

  • Business Leaders, senior executives and vertical heads working in Innovation, Business Transformation, Strategy, Digital, Technology functional areas.
Key insights to be showcased: :
  • The thrust of the Masterclass series is focused on the actual implementation of digital transformation across both core and disruptive businesses, and to provide concrete tips, tricks, tools and action plans across six key dimensions:
  • • Crafting a flexible organization
  • • Using technology as a driver
  • • Designing the necessary processes
  • • Building transformational leaders
  • • “Right-skilling” the workforce of the future
  • • Galvanizing cultural change

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