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BULL’s Eye Habit - Next Generation Strategies for Success: 2nd Batch

Date: 23rd August 2021
Venue: Vertual

About the Programme:

Success begets success. Traversing the journey between leadership at the individual level to that of the organisation, through programs like “Order of the Phoenix” and “PINNACLE”, the CII Centre of Excellence for Leadership (COEL) has realized the need to augment and accelerate the process of prospective leaders to come of age.


This requires a strong strategic orientation to improve deliveries consistently. The challenge is to orient the mindset from doing the things right to doing the right things. Improved success rate adds strong headwinds tailwinds   to their confidence and broadens their perspectives considerably. It allows them to confront never-before situations without hesitation and deliver quickly. This broadens the leadership pipeline of organisations, adding both to their visioning and execution prowess significantly.

The pandemic has accentuated the need to redefine the leadership priorities, where leaders are called upon to get answers to challenges under severe stress. This has highlighted the demand for having a better “strike rate” while selecting the optimal strategic option. Keeping this brief in mind, the COEL has set itself to curate a program titled the “BULL’s Eye Habit - Next Generation Strategies for Success”. This program adds another dimension in the suite of leadership capability interventions  being offered by the COEL

This program   is intended for Senior Managers to help them strengthen their STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT skills required for leading businesses and organizations  in a highly competitive and uncertain environment. The program envisages to improve their effectiveness, capitalize on the opportunities, while minimizing risk, that has emerged in the present context. It envisages to  help leaders to bring in convergence and adoption evolving technologies such as AI & ML, Robotics Process Automation, IoT, Cloud services etc, all changing the way business was done even in the recent past. It encourages Hi-Potential leaders to think differently and act smartly to re-position their business and organization through strategic thinking, making right choices and ensuring laser-precision accurate execution. This is an essential skill set to succeed in the post pandemic environment where a number of paradigms have transformed altogether.

Target Delegates :

  • Senior managers with the following profile will find the program most useful:
  • Minimum experience of 12 years.
  • Senior Managers working in undermentioned areas:
  • i) Senior Managers with P&L responsibility
  • ii) Brand and product Managers
  • iii) Regional and branch managers
  • iv) Departmental Heads under various functions such as marketing and sales, Manufacturing, Finance and Accounting, Supply chain management. R&D
Objectives :
  • 1. Understand the concept of strategy and different types of strategy, against the backdrop fast changing environment triggered by COVID 19, geo-political issues, convergence and digitalisation and adoption of emerging technologies
  • Learn different types of analytical frameworks and concepts required to do strategic analysis and make choice
  • Appreciate challenges involved in achieving success in strategy implementation
  • Be up to date in the areas of contemporary thoughts in strategic management
  • Develop a business tool kit with implementation ready ideas for improving their strike rates considerably.

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