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10th CII National HR Conclave

Date: 3-5 December 2020
Venue: CII Hive

About the Programme: The humankind has witnessed the worst ever pandemic, shaking the core beliefs, purpose and DNA of each life on this planet. It has affected all segments of the population across geographies irrespective of the colour of the collar. The crisis has also disproportionately impacted working women in many ways and experts fear that the marginal gains made during the last couple of decades in improving gender diversity at the workplace may be nullified.

Enterprises across the globe and especially in India are on the cusp of a massive transformation. The old paradigms, processes, hierarchies that had worked over the last few decades are disintegrating faster than one can comprehend. Business models have been forced to change, the need of being agile and nimble is being pursued with renewed vigour and leaders at the helm are exploring the paradigms shifts necessary to move towards a “living systems” view of organisations. In the near future organisations will witness dramatic shifts in key drivers and purpose. As a result, human/leadership skills, competencies and behaviours will need to shift for delivering higher productivity in a reset enterprise.

With over 400+ million livelihood impact, the highest ever cases of mental illnesses across all ages and as corporations prepares for transformational shifts in the way of operations,it is a burning need of the hour to take a fast forward look and reimagine Life across all spectrums – whether it is the way one lives, creates beliefs, value-systems, or integrates work and its dynamics with lives.

An obvious question is as the custodians of people in organisations what is the changing role of the Human Resources function? The HR function presently is at the crossroads of yet another transformation in terms of the way it is viewed, perceived and the transformational role that it can play to impact the lives of human beings

Who Should attend :

  • CEOs and Business Heads
  • CHROs and senior HR Practitioners
  • CIOs and CTOs
  • L & D Professionals
  • HR Analytics Professionals
  • HR Service Providers
  • Digital players in the HR space
  • HR consultants
  • Management & Training Institutes and senior management
Themed around the context of Reimagining Lives| Livelihood | Enterprise, this flagship forum attempts to: :
  • Create an experiential stage, wherein one can come together and immerse themselves in the co-creation of the future especially to visualise the shifts in future of lives and workplaces
  • Provide answers to the dramatic shifts that will be seen in the key drivers and purposes of the enterprise of tomorrow and how will HR have to reorganise and repurpose itself to address these.
  • Throw light on how leadership skills, competencies and behaviours will need to shift for delivering higher productivity
  • How can the HR community effectively partner corporate leadership in creating a near perfect balance between enterprise, employees and community needs
  • In a response to the corporate led cost base reset and a recessionary economy, increased automation, digitisation and synthetic intelligence will accentuate, what will be HR’s role in enabling enterprises to embrace such processes seamlessly across the organisation.
  • How can the HR function catalyse processes where digitisation led displaced personnel be productively and meaningfully redeployed through reskilling
  • What is the human and moral compass to measure ourselves in these trying times – in addition to the economic compass which we have long adopted the measures self-progress/ success
  • Alongside, the Conclave will also attempt to create sustainable playbooks, which can be leveraged by industry and corporations at large, as they prioritize their reset plans towards future growth.

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