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Harshavardhan Neotia

Chairman - CII-SNCEL

India has emerged as one of the few economies that are showing promise in the current global economic environment. Multilateral institutions now expect India to be the fastest growing country in the immediate future. Our own aspiration is to grow sustainably so that by 2020 our economy can reach a size to reckon with in the world economy.

Corporate India today is participating in India’s growth agenda through several different channels. Most importantly, it is investing in the future of the nation, creating employment opportunities for the people and generating physical, intellectual and human capital. Its activities are therefore intrinsically related to the development of the nation. Such initiatives are being aggregated and spearheaded through CII platforms in many ways.

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Chandrajit Banerjee

Director General – CII

The CII-Suresh Neotia Centre of Excellence (CII-SNCEL) for Leadership is a critical part of CII’s integrated agenda for building competitiveness. The Centre was set up on the basis of CII’s core belief that the quality of leadership plays a key role in enabling India to succeed in its mission for inclusive growth and competitiveness and claim its rightful position in the global arena.

The CII-SNCEL derives from the strong foundation of CII’s core functions, networks and outreach which enables it to access wide-ranging resources from leading enterprises with over 300,000 direct and indirect members from 276 national and regional sectoral industry bodies, 250 international MoU partners, Institutes of Excellence across the world and global thought leaders.

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